Thursday, December 17, 2015

Red Lodge Ditch Day

Melissa is not ashamed to admit that on occassion, she needs to get the hell-out-of-dodge and experience a little life outside of her normal two-block radius (the school and TBP are both two blocks away from Abode 212). Therefore, when the itch to run begged to be scratched, Melissa proposed a "ditch day" to her fellow co-worker and friend, Lisa. With full enthusiasm, Lisa agreed to join in the shenanigans and Melissa took a long, thoughtful look at upcoming Tuesdays (the only day that perfectly lends itself to down-time and ditch days). Being perfectly centered between the holiday breaks, December 8th was the day fated to serve the whims and desires of two women on a mission: drink coffee as frequently as possible, eat delicious things, drink something with alcohol, buy some gifts, gallivant and perform a couple of heel clicks - all in the sweet little mountain, ski town of Red Lodge, MT.

The ladies met up in Cody, WY where the wind about knocked them over but also provided the proper amount of "push" to head toward that Montana border and a day of freedom and fun! With a "Christmas cookie latte" making its way down the gullet of each traveler, the Jeep was put into drive and Winter Ditch Day 2015 began.

Upon arrival in Red Lodge, the first order of business was to grab a morning snack at the newly opened Wild Table. A quintessential chalkboard sign in front of the bakery/cafe/hole-in-the-wall-of-perfection, advertised freshly made Chocolate Croissants, which seemed to be the perfect beckoning off the streets and into the most perfectly quaint, seasonally decorated dining nook.

Full Disclosure: The Wild Table is a new business in Red Lodge, MT. It is owned and operated by a good friend of Melissa's. While her opinon may be biased, the truth is, owner Sheena is a phenomenal, creative, professionally trained chef who knows her way around pastries, breads, seasonal produce, holiday classics and all the comforts of delectably prepared foods. Melissa embraced her bias and not only enjoyed a croissant in shop but happily ordered dinner and dessert for her and Mike (as well as breakfast and lunch for the following day). All in all, Melissa gratefully devoured these foods from The Wild Table: Chocolate Croissant, Egg Salad sandwich on a Ciabatta Roll, Tomato Soup with Brandy and Cream, Minty Rice with Feta and a Pomegranate Relish, Caramel Apple Pie and Carrot Muffins. None were disappointing.

With enough caffeine and perfect pastry love coursing through their bodies, Melissa and Lisa began their shopping spree day in downtown Red Lodge. They made stops at a variety of outdoor goods stores, Back Alley Metals (impressively welded gifts and more) and Babcock & Miles (the finest wine and food selection for any lover of good and delicious things). As they increased thier piles of goods that would need to be wrapped for husbands, kids and family they worked up enough of an appetite to stop at Bogart's for their famous Margaritas, a couple bowls full of chips with salsa and main entrees which would put them on the verge of sleep while simultaneously carrying them through the last hour of gallivanting.

As the last stops on the gallivanting through Red Lodge came to pass the ladies ran back to The Wild Table to pick-up their dinner and then made their way to Red Lodge Coffee Roasters to ensure just enough energy to get themselves back to their respective homes and evening responsibilities.

The ladies returned to a wind-blown Cody, made one last gift-getting run to Sierra Trading Post then went their seperate ways feeling rejuvenated and excited. The event was such a roaring success that the girls are already plotting future ditch days and Tuesday outings to refresh, revive and rejoice in all that is delicious and fun! When bragging about their adventures to students Melissa and Lisa have made sure to add the following at the end of each conversation: #BFFGoals #BFFWinning #Adulting


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