Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stories from the Couch: October 24th - 27th

Prior to the arrival of the Austrian CouchSurfer the Harrington's with the help of the Mullen's directed Olivier and Samira to meet up for pizza and Catan in Songchon-Dong before eventually making their way back to the Harrington's place in Galma-dong.

This couple hail from France and provided the Harrington's and others more than a few good stories, good vibes and good conversation. Each has served many years alongside NGO's and within various Humanitarian efforts on the African continent. Their hearts are good.

And now, the French couple is undertaking an impressive world tour that may inspire the Harrington's to take on yet another world tour. From France they have been riding trains, boats, buses and hitching a ride; never once since the beginning of their trip have they been on or plan to be on a plane. They've crossed Europe and Russia, made their way to South Korea and were heading toward Japan for a short stay before they'd boat on over to China and begin travelling through East and Southeast Asia with hopes to eventually arrive in Australia, find a little work and if all goes according to plan, slowly make their way by boat to the Americas, South and North. Epic and Beautiful. The Harrington's are fully inspired, one of many reasons they adore hosting CouchSurfers.

Many nights the Harrington's were a bit busy or the couple was trying to save on some cash so chose often to cook in the Galma-dong kitchen.  However, on their last night, the foursome made their way to a couple of Korean Bars to enjoy Pineapple Soju and Cass as well as take a photo or two with the giant teddy bear which shared a booth with the couples.


Lisa said...

Yea! So glad you had some surfers!

shellycoulter said...

Wow...they are quite the adventurers! Sounds like fun!


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