Saturday, July 26, 2008

HR Camp Provides Relaxation and Random Conversation

On a warm summer day in late July, Mike and Melissa made their way up to old stomping grounds - HR Camp. Looking forward to visiting old friends and spending time in a place of beauty, Mike and Melissa took a little detour on their way to Worland, WY for family visits and wedding attending. Within the boundaries of their old "summer home" Mike and Melissa were able to reconnect with staff friends, camper friends and meet new friends. They were impressed, once again, by the beauty which is possessed by this place and in the deepest corners of their hearts yearned to wake every morning in a place a beautiful as this. While being overwhelmed by beauty and awestruck at the Creator's work, Mike and Melissa also stumbled upon a conversation that had them bursting at the seams and rolling in the aisles. The conversation began simply as a question of desire, a desire to know: what if horses were gerbil size?

"What if horses were gerbil size?" quickly turned into, "what if gerbils were horse size?" Now, consider for a moment: cowboys riding gerbils, knights riding gerbils, children riding gerbil-centered carousels at the fairs...the list goes on and on. But when we put greater imagination into these images you see the short legs of gerbils carrying royalty, rodeo-stars - imagine a "bucking" gerbil, would 8 seconds still be a challenge? And what about the gerbil wheel? Would it be left behind for the gerbil-size horses or would it be enlarged so that rider and horse-size gerbil would run circles for entertainment and exercise?

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