Sunday, October 26, 2008

Eppson Center Oktoberfest

On October 25th Michael Harrington’s clogged nostrils were overwhelmed by the smell of saurkraut as he and his lovely bride entered the Eppson Center for Senionrs to enjoy an Oktoberfest lunch and craft fair.

Upon entering, the Harrington’s were amazed at the amounts of crafts that were filling the center. Everything from wooden children’s toys and knitted accessories, to photographs and jewelry were present in the crafts section the festival. For lunch the Harrington’s had a brat with sauerkraut, some scalloped potatoes, and a small gelatinous apple crisp desert. While eating, they were entertained by a, 4 person Oompah-pah band. That’s right…OOMPAH-PAH band. Perhaps the only thing missing from this Oktoberfest was a large quantity of german beer...and possibly some lederhosen.

Throughout the entertainment, Mr. Harrington caught himself reflecting upon the people all around him. He was amazed at the simple abundance of history, stories, wisdom, and other experiences that all the elder people around him had stored up. Hopefully, in the future, when more time is freed up, the Harrington’s will be able to find a way to feed off this abundance. They also look forward to creating thier own wealth of experiences and wisdom to share with others when they enter their golden years.

One thing’s for sure, they will definitely be participating in more Eppson Center activities in the future, for the shear entertainment of it all, if nothing else.

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Anonymous said...

so, this is only semi-related (speaking of craft fairs)...but has mr. harrington considered selling his journals?! if so, i would like to purchase one or two or many.


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