Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lessons from the Couch: September '08

September brings with it the routine and predictability of school, schedules and work. With this change, Mr. and Mrs. Harrington have found their couch to be less occupied. Nonetheless, they have enjoyed welcoming in a few strangers and a precious little pup.

Excerpts from the Guest Book -

Wednesday September 3, 2008: Craig, Kristen and Nigel en route to California

"Thank you so much for letting Craig, Nigel and me stay with you tonight. The enchiladas verdes were incredible! The blueberry tea was delicious, too; it really hit the spot before bed. Nigel loved your cute little yard and also enjoyed sniffing every square inch of your apartment. We enjoyed chatting with the 2 of you & Mark, particularly about the body farm...

Our first couch surfing experience has been great."

Wednesday September 3, 2008: Mike and Melissa

What we learned:
  • Little dogs can be easily overwhelmed by a "large" yard and forget how fun that little racket ball is to play with
  • Trust your instincts: just because you haven't prepared a dish before doesn't mean you shouldn't try it out on guests
  • Always take your camera to big or strange events plus the packaging of some random food product
  • Eat Tofurkey and see Craig
  • Invite Mark over and you're sure to learn something new and slightly disturbing (i.e. The body farm).

Saturday September 20, 2008: Bryan en Route to Kansas/Eastern Europe

"Thank you very much for your hospitality and for the meal, games and the experience of dumpster diving. May God bless you guys. If you are anywhere near Europe I will probably be there so let me know and maybe we can meet over there."

Saturday September 19, 2008: Mike and Melissa

What we learned:

  • It's never too late to lay off the sugar a little (and, Mike is not the only one who can sit and consume an entire quart of ice cream).
  • Emu makes a fine replacement for hamburger meat.
  • Settler's of Catan unites many.
  • Live in Europe. Volunteer. Teach.

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shellycoulter said...

This was great! And entertaining. If nobody has told you guys are AWESOME! I love your hospitality and the open-giving way that you use your home (and your couch). : ) Peace!


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