Friday, September 18, 2009

Celebrating the Year of Cotton

For the Harrington's Labor Day weekend was much more than a three day weekend. The weekend served as the Harrington's jump-off point for their second anniversary, the year of cotton. The weekend began with a Friday night game of Pandemic, an especially co-operative game that brings all involved into community, fighting to save the lives of all the world's people. The Harrington's enjoyed the company of Mark, Jordan, Eric and after the game, Abbie and Lindsay. Throughout the game and as the activities came to an end the Harrington's and a few friends came to the conclusion that the next night would be perfect for camping.

Come Saturday morning, the Harrington's donned their Brown and Gold and attended the UW vs. Weber State football game with Rob, Kim and Macradee Jackson (Melissa's uncle, aunt and cousin). Prior to the game, the five made it into Tailgate Park for a quick drink and some exploration before making their way to the gate and the bleachers. The Harrington's and the Jackson's enjoyed watching the first game of the season which even showcased a Wyoming Cowboy win!

As was decide the night before, the Harrington's along with Jordan, Mark, Abbie and Marge made their way out on Happy Jack Road, hot dogs and s'more materials in tow. Unable to camp at the exact site of their wedding, the Harrington's settled for a spot just past the place of their vows. With some challenge, the men were eventually able to start a small campfire and gather enough wood to keep it alive for the evening. Everyone enjoyed some hot dogs and s'mores and the men folk enjoyed a game of bean bags by moon light while the ladies got in some healthy chatting.

Sunday was a day of church and worship in the morning followed by activities of separation. However, these activities did not take place until after the exchange of gifts. Mike graciously handed Melissa a silver bag stuffed with cotton, claiming it was the traditional wedding gift for year two of marriage. Much to Melissa's surprise, there was also a great gift of books, regarding wine, under the piles of cotton. Mike was presented with a small paper sack which held two books regarding the life of John Muir, friend to the natural world and National Parks. Having exchanged gifts, Mike made the decision to enjoy some time outside playing volleyball whereas Melissa headed upstairs to help the Herrboldt's prepare some freezer meals in preparation for their adopted child. By Sunday evening, Mike was not so sure what status his health would be at the actual day of anniversarial celebration.

Waking Monday morning, it was clear to Mike that his health was not optimal and he would be wise to take the day easy. Melissa prepared some cranberry walnut French toast for Mike, SaraJane and herself to enjoy before taking the rest, relax and take care of some things she saw fit. By late afternoon, the couple was beginning to feel hunger and felt it was necessary to share a meal worthy of the anniversary, however, Mike was not feeling up to leaving the house. With that, Melissa made her way to the Teriyaki Bowl where she purchased a large amount of sushi and made her way back to the house via one stop for a bottle of wine. Upon her return, a living room picnic was established and the Harrington's enjoyed each others company and many delicious sushi bites.

The couple now begins year three. Thankful for the past years lessons and discoveries. They share gratitude for their church friends and family, the joys of CouchSurfing and the adventure of road trips. They anticipate the deepening of their relationship with one another, their community and heavenly father; hoping to plan a successful World Cup trip and decide where to go from there.

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congrats on your anniversary you guys!


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