Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some Rules were Harmed in the Making of this Road Trip

For 47 days this summer, Mike and Melissa Harrington enjoyed touring the western United States. Before beginning their journey, they posted a set of 12 rules they hoped to follow and committ to for as long as they were on the road. Today, we at the Harrington Times bring you the truth, and hold the Harrington's accountable to their committments. The following recounts their rules and whether or not the couple fully complied with each.

Rules of the Road:
as determined by Mike and Melissa Harrington
plus an explanation of how closely each was followed as reported by the Harrington Times.

1. Seat Belts - always: The Harrington's managed to keep their priority on safety and buckled up every time the car was moving.

2. Maximum speed = 5 mph over posted speed limit: As was reported in earlier posts, the Harrington's were pulled over once for speeding, which they claim was a problem of Nevada law rather than a lead foot. Considering they managed to keep this rule as well, we the people will have to agree that Nevada's speed restrictions are more or less inconvenient.

3. Shop and Eat Local! Avoid the Franchise (exception: In-N-Out Burger): By and large the Harrington's did fairly well with this rule as well. They fell in love with In-N-Out Burger and ate a few local resturants, shopped as CSA/Food Co-ops, and perhaps broke the rule by eating at a couple of localized franchises such as The Noodle Company and a burger shop whose name cannot be recalled.

4. Find @ least 1 geocache in each state/province: To begin, the Harrington's forgot that they had set this as a goal. Soon after remembering the rule, the GPS device was lost. This rule then falls into the category of FAIL.

5. Make room for Hitch-hikers: Having welcomed seven hitch-hikers into Navaj0 Durango, the Harrington's accomplished this rule with the help of a car topper purchased via Craigslist.

6. Sleep for $10 or less: Excuses for breaking this rule include - Car trouble at Four Corners, Unresponisive CouchSurfing Hosts, Inconvenient camping locations, Higher than expected campground fees.

7. 5 servings of fruits and/or veggies daily: FAIL. When eating from Fresh Fruit stands, this was easily accomplished, otherwise the couple hardly even ate two meals a day much less 5 servings of fruit and veggies.

8. Help people in need: By picking up hitch-hikers and giving to a few cardboard sign holders, the Harrington's helped a few people in need but not as many as they would have liked to.

9. Document Daily: Blogs and Postcards: Clearly, this rule was well accomplished.

10. Highways and By-ways trump interstate: Until the Harrington's were in Washington, they did very well avoiding the Interstate system and were able to take a few "roads less travelled".

11. Daily Fitness Activities: Fitness Activities did occur on the Road Trip with all the National Parks that were visited, however, the Harrington's failed to make fitness a part of their daily routine.

12. Gas costs will be split 50/50: 100% Win!!! Made possible by the covenant of marriage and shared banking.

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