Friday, September 18, 2009

A Family Gathering

Shortly after returning from their extensive road trip, Mike and Melissa Harrington soon found themselves "on the road again." As was true with previous trips, the Harrington's would have the opportunity to meet with some beloved family. However, unlike the summer trip, this encounter would also provide the first opportunity to meet her half brother, sister-in-law and niece. Melissa and her brother Gary have had a few email conversations and a couple hellos via phone throughout the past ten or so years, however the Allen girls (Melissa and Luella) had not yet had the opportunity to meet their brother face-to-face.

On a fine August evening, all of that would be history. The Harrington's were to meet Luella and Alex in Ft. Collins/Loveland and then continue on their way down I-25 toward Arvada. It would be at Grandpa Al's and Grandma Lu's that the first meeting would take place. From the grandparent's appartment the Allen clan and guests would make their way to a nearby park to enjoy a K.F.C. pic-nic and the childhood joys of playgrounds and ice cream trucks.

The family gathering was a huge hit. The siblings, parents and grandparents were thankful to have this time to spend with one another and to get to know each other. Not to mention, Luella and Melissa and their niece Haley had a great time using the playground equipment.

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