Sunday, October 10, 2010

Daejeon Citizens Football Club

Having dedicated a majority of their summer to soccer, the Harrington's were anxious to arrive in Korea where Soccer happens to be slightly more popular than in the United States. To further excite the couple was the knowledge of a home team in Daejeon, South Korea. Topping it all off and bringing things full circle for the Harrington's is the knowledge that Korea co-hosted the World Cup in 2002 and one of the World Cup stadiums was built here in Daejeon. Since their arrival in Daejeon the Harrington's have made it to two home soccer games, and hope to attend two more prior to the end of the season.

Daejeon's soccer team is unique in that the team is owned by the government of Daejeon. Many of the teams of Korea's K-League are owned by large corporations that offer larger contracts and therefore contract the best athletes. That being said, the Daejeon Citizen Football Club falls short of being the number one team, in fact, the team currently resides amongst the three worst teams in the K-League. Fortunately, there is a small handful of Dajeon Citizen F.C. fans who are dedicated to cheering for their team and showing their support through the thick and the thin; so much so that while attending their first Dajeon Citizen F.C. match, the Harrington's had the great pleasure of seeing the home team win!

Getting There:

Daejeon Citizens Football Club plays in the 2002 World Cup Stadium, making it an easy destination to navigate. Because the Harrington's live on the sub-line, this is their preferred mode of transport. From any sub station simply head toward the World Cup Stadium, exit according to the signs for the stadium and with little effort, you shall arrive!

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