Friday, June 11, 2010

Stories from the Couch: June 1, 2010

Brad and Nicole, Oahu

On June 1st, Mike and Melissa Harrington were able to meet up with a semi-local couple in Honolulu. Having lived in Hawaii for about two years, Brad and Nicole were able to offer some great insight and an exciting game of Settlers of Catan for the Harringtons and their CouchSurfing friends Mark Bartholomew and David and Katie Morton.

The Harrington's began the morning with Bartholomew and the Morton's by hiking up Diamond Head. Just under a mile, the hike was an enjoyable, yet windy, way to begin their first non-wedding related day on Oahu. Weather was perfect for hiking and the stairs just enough to get the blood pumping before enjoying an impressive view of Honolulu/Waikiki. Having taken in the sight and recognizing their tardiness the crew of 5 Wyoming CouchSurfers made their way down the crater and down the road to the Diamond Head Market and Grill.

Arriving at the Market and Grill, the Wyoming tourists met up with Brad and Nicole, making sure to apologize profusely for their tardiness. Apologies aside all CouchSurfers ordered a meal of rice, coleslaw and a variety of delcious marinated meats and vegetables; from chicken to ahi tuna to pork to portabella the meals were carried a few blocks down to a botanical garden where talk of travels and things to do on the island began. The visiting surfers learned the frequency with which Hawaii restaurants use styrofoam for food service, even for dining in as well as the friendliness of botanical garden pigeons.

Having finished a lovely hike and a delicious meal the crew of seven found themselves heading back to Brad and Nicoles to enjoy a game of mini-travel-Settler's of Catan, a pleasant surprise for the many Catan lovers in the group. All Wyomingites having lost the gam to the owner of the board an the apartment, a few group photos were taken before the Harrington's and friends made their way back into town for some meandering and beaching.

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