Friday, June 11, 2010

Stories from the Couch: June 3, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010 Mike and Melissa Harrington along with three friends enjoyed a day exploring the North Shore of Oahu. Hiking and exploring the Wai'mae Valley, eating fresh Shrimp Scampi from a shrimp shack and spending time on the beach and in the ocean Boogie Boarding left the group of Wyomingites ready for an evening of great food and an opportunity to meet new people. At 6:30 that opportunity arrived. Making their way into town, the Harrington's stopped at Pizza Bob's and awaited Heather and Andy, an adventerous couple living on Oahu and fully in touch with good deals on the island.

Had it not been for CouchSurfers Heather and Andy, the Harrington's and friends would not have known that Pizza Bob's was the place for dinner and a beverage on a Thursday evening. Thursday at the restuarant is three dollar night, meaning three dollar pizza slices and three dollar draft beers or mai tais, a deal to make all other deals tremble.

Therefore, it was over pizza and mai tais that the Harrington's and friends learned travelling secrets surrounding renting homes in foreign nations, starting random businesses and using skyscanner for superb deals on flights while travelling in Europe. Conversation was consistent and informative, leaving all attendees grateful for CouchSurfing and the opportunites available only through using CS as a primary means of travel.

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