Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Wedding, Waikiki, and Waterfalls Only a Few of Oahu's Wondes

On Friday, May 28th, Mike and Melissa Harrington landed in Honolulu ready to experience the beauty and joy of a wedding and island life. After some trying days at their places of employment, the Harrington's were grateful for some time away and a vacation in paradise to kick off a year of travel. The island greeted Mike and Melissa with a light rain followed by perfectly sunny skies and constant island warmth.

Friday through Monday the two spent most of their time with the groom and occasionally the bride offering assistance and companionship prior to the wedding day. From Bachelor party to Malasadas, from running errands to lying on the beach, the Harrington's experienced a small whirlwind of wedding preparations and time zone/jet lag adjustments the first few days of living life on Oahu. Monday, May 31st, 2010 Mike and Melissa along with a handful of others were able to witness and enjoy the beautiful wedding ceremony of Mr. Abram Heller and Ms. Mallory Moye. Following the ceremony, Mike Harrington had the opportunity to offer an entertaining and meaningful speech in honor of his good friend Abram, he had guests and wedding party rolling in the aisles.

With the wedding behind them, the Harrington's set to exploring and experiencing Oahu with good friends Mark, David and Katie with guest appearances by the Harrington family. Through the course of the week the Harrington's enjoyed a hike up Diamond Head, a hike off of Pali lookout, an Oahu Adventure Tour of Manoa Falls (featured in Jurassic Park), afternoons on the beach, boogie boarding, Wai'mae Valley, the North Shore, meeting up with some Oahu CouchSurfers, Hanauma Bay Snorkeling and of course some really delicious food.

One highlight of the trip for the Harrington's was visiting the North Shore where the pace of life finally slowed down, the views were outstanding, the shrimp carts blentiful and the waves exciting. The Harrington's, along with Mark Bartholomew and David and Katie Morton enjoyed Thursday, June 3rd, driving past the pineapple fields and making their way into Wai'mae Valley. In the Valley, they all enjoyed the variety of tropical flowers and plants while casually making their way to the waterfall at the end of the trail. Here, all but Melissa, swam out to sit under the waterfall and be refreshed by the frigid water. Having worked up an appetite, the crew made their way to Giovanni's Shrimp Shack before continuing with an afternoon on the beach and some boogie boarding.

As is common for traveller's to these islands of Hawai'i, the Harrington's were not all to eager to board their plane but did so with fond memories of their first Oahu visit.

View from Diamond Head

Sunset on Waikiki Beach

Bamboo Forest - Manoa Falls Trail

Botanical Gardens of Wai'mae Valley

Waterfall of Wai'mae (in Lost, this is where they find the briefcase)

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