Friday, June 11, 2010

Top 10 Dining Experiences on Oahu

10. Pho 97 - Specializing in Vitanamese Pho, Mike and Melissa enjoyed giant bowls of noodles, beef (including tripe) for Melissa and seafood for Mike, green onions and bean sprouts while meandering through Chinatown on their final night in Oahu.

9. The Yard House - Knonw for having hundreds of brews on tap this was one of the first restaurants Mike and Melissa patronized with their friends Abram, Mark, David and Katie. The meal that highlighted the evening was the seared Ahi sandwhich paired with a number of delicious brews including one Beer Float for Mike Harrington.

8. Pizza Bob's - Not only was the pizza here delicious, on a Thursday night it was the most affordable meal the Harrington's enjoyed while on Oahu. Located on the North Shore, Pizza Bob's has some great nightly specials with Thursday being $3 night: $3 slices of pizza and $3 draft beers and Mai Tai's - a steal after paying $6 a pint at the Yard House.

7. Fresh Pineapple and Papaya - Why travel to a tropical island if not to enjoy the juicy, sweet, fresh fruit?

6. Diamond Head Grill and Market - This restaurant was recommended by a couple of CouchSurfers that Mike and Melissa had a chanc to meet up with after hiking Diamond Head. The meals were served in a typical plate lunch fashion, deliciously seasoned or marinated meats, rice and salad. Especially enjoyable when sipping on a Plantation Iced Tea (iced tea with pineapple juice). Also, the perfect meal after making your way to the top of Diamond Head Crater.

5. Phuket Thai - This was the location of the rehersal dinner and proivided such fabulous Thai dishes. Being a rehersal dinner, the Harrington's were able to enjoy a wide variety of appetizers and entrees without ever knowing their names, but enjoyed each bite immensely.

4. Ono's Hawaiian Food - The food of Hawaii, not the locals, but the Hawaiians. Pork Shoulder steamed in tarro leaves, Kalua Pork, creamy tarro root, rice and a delicious square of coconut pudding to finish out the meal. Not only is the food delicious but extremely affordable, a couple could easily eat here for $15 and enjoy each and every morsel.

3. Giovanni's Shrimp Shack - Recommended by the lifeguards of Wai'mae Valley, the Harrington's enjoyed consuming these 12 shrimp marinated in a wonderfully garlicky scampi marinade. With a fresh smoothie from a nearby shack the meal was complete, filling and scrumptous.
2. Waiola's Shaved Ice - One of Oahu's must-experience-destinations! Incredibly fine ice is espeically delicious served over ice cream, flavored as you wish and served with sweetened condensed milk on top is a fantastic afternoon pick me up after spending some time in the Hawaiian sun.

1. Leonard's Bakery - Malasadas. The Harrington's and Friends made multiple stops at this bakery for freshly fried and custard filled Malasadas. Perfectly creamy, warm, sweet and delicious. These donut like treats can quickly become addicting.

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