Sunday, July 25, 2010

An Addo Adventure: Spotting the Wildlife of South Africa

On their final day with CouchSurfer host, Elaine, the Harrington’s made their way out to Addo National Park to see what they could see. Second only to their day in The Crags, Addo provided the Harrington’s their best opportunity to see the wildlife and plant life of South Africa. The first animal they spotted, and consistently thereafter, was the Kudu, a deer like mammal with horns which twist and curve into the dry African air. Seeing this animal and hearing its name from Elaine, the Harrington’s finally knew what exactly a Kudu Burger was.

The trio continued driving through the park hoping to spot elephants or zebras or water buffalo. However, before any of these animals would consider making a showing Elaine spotted the endangered Dung Beetle on the road. The park is committed to protecting these insects and has posted numerous signs warning drivers not to crush these rare gems. Unfortunately, the beetle we spotted was not rolling a ball of dung, but we enjoyed watching his soldier-like strut as he made his way across the road.

Continuing on the trio was able to spot Timon and Pumba, a Jackyl, more Kudu, another Dung Beetle, various birds and finally a few elephants. The car full of viewers enjoyed watching the baby elephants trunk wrestle one another while admiring the majesty and beauty of these giant grey mammals. Mike took a good number of photos until it was time to head out of the gates while watching the sky turn shades of orange and pink. The perfect ending to a perfect African day.

1 comment:

erin co said...

Melissa, you're such a great story-teller. Nothing tops describing a dung beetle's walk across the road as a "soldier-like strut."

Also, I'm very jealous of this particular adventure. Just your average drive through a national park with some elephants and kudu. Whatevs....


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