Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Celebrating Anniversary #4 in Community

As the new contract years have begun for Mike and Melissa Harrington with Melissa at a new school a few new friendships have presented themselves for the taking. Now at Samcheon Elementary School Melissa has had the great pleasure of meeting a variety of Korean teachers with excellent English. One such Korean has recently married and ultimately is one of the first 'perfect' Korean couple matches for the Harrington duo, Anxious to do dinner together and bring their husbands face-to-face as well, Hyeon-hui and Melissa set a dinner date for Wednesday September 7th, the day of M&M Harrington's 4th year wedding anniversary.

So it was, on the night of the 7th, the Harrington's made their way by taxi to MBC, a Korean broadcasting company to pick up Hyeon-hui's husband Hok-chol and make their way to a Korean restaurant that specializes in Bamboo Rice. However, prior to the main event of rice steamed in a reed of bamboo the couples enjoyed a wide array of Korean and Fusion side-dishes including squid ink jap-chae (absolutely amazing!), raw fish, kimchi, cheesy corn, pork, salad, spicy squid and octopus, baked fish and much more. Additionally, the couple enjoyed conversations about food, sports, Korean military service, love, life and happiness.

Following this full and enjoyable dining experience the Harrington's headed home and enjoyed a bit of Korean wine with their semi-permanent-at-the-time Sofa Sleeper, Aaron.


All things considered, for the Harrington's this manner of celebrating a wedding anniversary was entirely enjoyable. Continually amazed by the blessings of friendships they enjoy and the community of friends and family that so faithfully support their marital union, the couple couldn't be more content to welcome in the 5th year building new friendships and enjoying an established one...not to mention, the coming Korean holiday of Chuseok would guarantee the couple a few opportunities to celebrate their relationship in more intimate and personal settings.

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Micah and SaraJane said...

Happy Anniversary!! Miss you both and hope that the day was lovely!


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