Friday, September 9, 2011

From Beer to Soda's and Wine

Three weeks of traveling around the states did nothing to slow-down the man Harrington's desire to make things, particularly beverages. Within hours of returning to 519 Galma apartment in Daejeon Mike Harrington was making root beer, cream soda, ginger ale and a large batch of Peach Wine.

Soda is a quick and relatively painless process and has already given the Harrington's and friends the opportunity to enjoy a few 'cold ones' after starting the fall semester. Wine however is not such a quick process and if patience wins out, it probably won't be until December when the Harrington's are taking their first sweet (or vinegary) sip of Home-made Redneck Peach Wine. So, for those of you who may be visiting the couple in Christmas (*cough, cough* Harrington clan) get ready to sip on some home-made wine!

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