Sunday, September 11, 2011

"You're sleeping on his sofa."

Today's headline comes straight from the mouth of an elementary student attending Galma Elementary school. Galma Elementary school now has the honor of receiving English instruction from native teacher, Aaron Fitzgerald. The student who put this sentence together just happens to be the son of a temporary teacher working at Nameson Middle School, the school of none other than Michael Teacher. So it was, that an elementary student discovered his own, Mr. Fitz was sleeping on the sofa of a middle school English teacher his mother just began working alongside at Nameson.

And so it is, our readers now may have an inkling of understanding, that the Harrington household held more than the Harrington man, woman and Lady since the end of August. Late August through early September saw the additional arrival of the Harrington's dear friend Aaron while he house hunted and awaited the arrival of a mattress amongst other amenities.

So, for a couple of weeks the Harrington's enjoyed the ramblings, pickings, punnings, and all out shenanigans of Mr. Fitz and were beyond thrilled when he chose an apartment a mere block away...let regular dinner gatherings commence!


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