Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Korean Love Motel


If you live in South Korea you've surely heard about the glory of the Korean Love Motel. Often cheap. Often sketchy. Often a touch of 'sexy'. Often fitted with tinted windows. These motels serve to meet the needs of a) men and women conducting affairs, b) young lovers getting out of their parents homes to experiment and enjoy one another's company (many Koreans remain at home until married, and don't marry until, you can see the need for such a market) and c) foreigners looking for cheap and adequate accommodation.

The Harrington's stayed in such during their winter 2011 travels to the north east coast and again this past winter when road tripping to Gyeongju. Always hoping to pay the minimum, the Harrington's have payed between
25,000 and 40,000 for their Love Motel experiences but have looked at and considered rooms up to 60,000 which usually are newer and include much more high-tech televisions. However, it seems all Korean Love Motels are consistent in providing hair gel, hair spray, lotion, after shave, a hair dryer, comb, TV, shampoo, conditioner (called 'rinse' in Korea), toothpaste, soap, mini-fridge with a few sodas, kettle and coffee (or water cooler and instant coffee packs in the hallway), and perhaps, if you find yourself in the truest of true Love Motels a condom or two. Paying a little more may also land you in a round bed or a room with a mirrored ceiling, exactly what cheap expats are looking for while traveling around.

Overall, the Harrington's have had good experiences finding affordable and decently clean love motels upon arrival. If you're wanting to cut the cost even more or...uhm, use the hotel for things we'd rather leave unspoken, most Love Motels are available at hourly rates.

If you're in Korea, have you stayed at a Love Motel and how was your experience?

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