Friday, February 10, 2012

The Misadventures of Taiwan: One Up-ed

As their Taiwan vacation came to an end, the Harrington's knew that things could have been worse yet were still wishing they could have enjoyed a bit more sunshine, a little less rain, and a few more doses of peaceful settings rather than crowded trains and crowded streets. The couple waited in the check-out line anticipating a short flight and returning to the lovely and lively Lady Annyeong before starting back to work. While waiting, the couple spotted a set of gents (we shall call them Utah and Philly) they had met at the beginning of their trip in Seoul, also English teachers in South Korea. The four quickly engaged in conversation and discussed differences and similarities of vacations.

Rain and difficulty finding accommodations had plagued both sets of travelers. However, the gents had a few stories which highly rivaled that of the Harrington's. The first order of business was to discover exactly why Utah had his arm in a sling. The answer revolved around rented scooters, wet roads and adjusting shirt sleeves which lead to skidding, sliding and the most unfortunate breaking of a collar bone. The Harrington's had just been "one up-ed" (or a few hundred up-ed!) Utah continued to explain that he opted out of seeking medical attention since medical coverage in Korea would be preferable, he therefore slinged his arm with a pair of pants until earlier that day when he spoke (or mimed) to a train station nurse to receive an official sling.

Aside from this major mishap, Utah and Philly also spent two or three nights lacking accommodation and rather opting for all-night clubs, beach parties and an abandoned tent, truly the tales of the more adventurous traveler than the Harrington's can ever claim to me, especially Melissa. Feeling grateful for their seemingly small 'woes' and 'misadventures' the Harrington's wandered the airport, stopped at the eLibrary (where they would receive news of having sold good ole Navajo Durango - misadventure trip paid for!) and grabbed a couple Cokes before boarding their 2.5 hour flight to Incheon and eventually walking in the door to their 519 Galma home. A vacation well spent, albeit wet and crowded.

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