Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ripped Pants and Wedding Vows

Not even a full week into their second-time-around-American-life the Harringtons were entering the work force as Albany County School District #1 employees and even attending a wedding at the most gorgeous church in town.

The afternoon of September 2nd a dear friend, sorority sister and study abroad amiga-who-cannot-be-replaced, pledged to love her best friend, the man she loves and who loves her back, for as long as they both shall live. It was a beautiful ceremony, for a gorgeous couple and as should be expected from this duo, the after party...ah-hem, reception, was absolutely phenomenal.

Having said their vows and showcased a love that had been in the making (and perfecting) for years, the newly wed couple sent their guests to War Memorial Stadium where a reception was to be held in the relatively new, Wildcatter Suites.

Guests enjoyed a gorgeous panoramic view of the town and football field while drinking fine micros and vinos and of course snapping a few "I-might-never-be-here-again" photos. And, typical to Harrington fashion, things didn't go exactly according to plan when they began to work into photo-taking position. Deciding to take a larger than acceptable step over a the seats, Mike was greeted by the sound of threads breaking and taking leave from their duty. And not just a few threads, but a whole slew of them! The whole team of threads that effectively keep the crotch of trousers in tact and appropriate decided at that very moment to let go and enjoy the party, meaning Mike wouldn't be hitting the dance floor any time soon.

Other than this slightly unfortunate event, the evening continued forth with a delicious meal, great music, lots of dances and laughter and, a special Champion Yo-Yo performance by a good friend of the bride. And just like that the Harringtons were thrown back into this beautiful, American life.

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