Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our "First" Second-time Around 519 Guest: Harris

Just a few days after their 5-year wedding anniversary and barely a week after having returned to the USA, the Harringtons were thrilled to welcome their first guest into 519. Even more thrilling was that this guest was in fact a good-friend-turned-family-who-also-just-returned-from-the-land-of-kimchi...which means, the couple was able to wade through re-entry/reverse culture shock with someone who was on the exact same page. It was an incredible blessing to share the homeland, aka, the Kingdom, with this dear friend and to know that the bonds and friendships created half a world away were not created in vain.

The visit began with dinner out at the Library followed by a couple of growlers following the crew home for a rowdy game of Nerts with a Harrington sister before settling in for a night of rest and deep sleep. Since the Harrington duo was already employed, they made their way to work each morning while guest, Harris took his time walking, exploring, getting lost and reconnecting to sweet Lady Annyeong.
Wanting Harris to understand the fullness and beauty of Wyoming life, the Harringtons were sure to escort their east-coast friend out to the Snowies where the crew enjoyed some hiking and gallivanting below the majestic and looming Medicine Bow Peak. Alone on the trail, the crew took in the fall colors, cool-to-frigid breeze and the unadulterated beauty of the Mountain West.

Having hiked and photographed the group began to notice the rumble in the belly which lead them to the town of Centennial where they stopped in one of two restaurants and confidently ordered three large wood-oven pizzas, knowing that leftovers would be quite beneficial during the next couple days.

Harris' visit continued forth with the realization that his flight didn't actually leave until one day later than he had originally thought which allowed for additional time to help the Harringtons settle in, make some used furniture and paint purchases, go dumpster diving and even enjoy a dumpster meal of beer cheese soup.

It was a sad moment when good-bye finally had to be said, but each member of the Korea-reunion crew was confident that this would not be the last meeting and if all goes as it should, the crew ought to come together again, hopefully for an extended period of time ;)

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