Thursday, November 15, 2012

Upon Arrival: Burgers, Driving and Getting to Work

Twelve hours in air on one of the world's top airlines did little to ease the ache in the Harringtons hearts. However, disembarking the aircraft to be reunited with their pup, who easily made it through customs as well as a sister and within an hour or so good friends from their first Korean year did help to bring peace and joy to this time of transition.

More traumatized than the human sort, Lady Annyeong was not too thrilled that she was required to stay in her kennel while the Harrington duo chatted it up with immigration officials stating that: Yes, indeed, the furry creature within the crate had been properly vaccinated. Yes, you may see her papers. Yes, we do in fact have some food for her. Two days worth to be exact. Do you care to see her or the food?, well, okay. Thanks.

And just like that, the Harringtons exited customs to find Katie and Ashlee awaiting them. Lady Annyeong was quickly set free from her imprisonment and allowed to run and experience a new land for the first time, unfortunately for her the new 'land' was the parking lot of LAX. Fortunately, better exploration lay ahead for the sweet three-legged mutt.
From the airport, the crew made their way to Ashlee's house where Katie gathered her belongings and said her own farewell. Shortly thereafter, the Harrington trio and Lady Annyeong made their way to Kolt and Holly's place where they would spend their first American day in more than a year. The Harrington duo found comfort in knowing that just a year ago, Kolt and Holly had said fare-thee-well to the land of kimchi and remained connected to that time and place much as the Harringtons knew they always would be.

After initial reunion hugs and proclamations of joy at once again being in each others presence the entire crew took a short walk to a near-by In-n-Out because frankly, who wouldn't want to eat one of the nation's best burgers upon return to the good ole U S of A? Having finished the afternoon meal and exposed Lady Annyeong to the joys of fresh grass and the absence of humidity the Harringtons returned to the home of K and H where they reminisced, played board games and fought to stay awake.

Eventually, the evening came to a close after a most delicious and home-cooked meal of salad, pork tenderloin, rosemary roasted potatoes and refrigerator lemon cake. In typical "old woman" fashion Melissa was out cold and could hardly function as the sun-set and the truth of just how exhausted she was set into her bones.

After a much needed sleep, the Harrington trio woke in the morning to say good-bye to the work-bound K and H before preparing a quick breakfast, taking a quick shower and walking the pup. Before long it was time for the crew to hit the road en route to their home-sweet-home. More than 15 hours of driving, a few fast food joints, two phone interviews for the man and more than one tank of gas later the group pulled into Laramie, WY at 5:30 am, Tuesday August 28th with work lined out for the following day.

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is a surefire way to get behind on blogging and processing yet ensure gratitude that even when 'times are hard' this duo is employed, housed, loved and welcomed.

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Holly said...

We loved having you. So glad we got to welcome you back. Now we just need to figure out a way to meet half-way in the next year...


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