Friday, November 30, 2012

Crafting with Carlo Rossi: Jewelry Organization

Along the same lines of furniture re-do's to make a house a home, Melissa decided that it was an absolute must to figure out a creative way to organize her jewelry. Wanting a system that was not only eye-catching and organized, Melissa wanted the whole piece to reflect her love of traveling and her addiction to purchasing new earrings, bracelets and necklaces while in foreign lands.

So it was, she sat down with an over sized cork board, some finishing nails, a giant National Geographic map, coins from around the world, super glue, black paint, a staple gun and of course a glass of Carlo Rossi. From this point she was able to move forward:

  • Paint the frame black: Check
  • Glue various coins to the heads of nails: Check
  • Let everything dry: Check
  • Sip wine: Check
  • Use staple gun to attach naturally aged map: Check
  • Carefully hammer coin/nails onto frame, realizing that super gluing after rather than before might have been a better idea: Check
  • Poor another glass of wine: Check
  • String flower wire from one nail to the next toward the upper end of the frame to create a place to hand awesome earrings: Check
  • Hang Jewelry Organization system on the wall and admire daily your handiwork: Check
And there you have a DIY, over sized jewelry organization system!

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