Monday, January 21, 2013

Fine Dining in Laramie: Boomer's BBQ

While the Harringtons enjoyed (and now dearly miss) dining in Daejeon, there are more than a few fine dining establishments in Laramie, Wyoming and, honestly in the USA in general. Among the highlights of returning to the states, eating is one of them with drinking fine beer being another.

A few months back, the man won everything! Football tickets (twice!), Dracula tickets and coupons for Boomer's BBQ, a restaurant which was not in Laramie the last time the Harringtons called the town home.

Excited to go out for dinner and a drink, the Harringtons set out with their coupons on a chilly night, as they all are from October to May in Laramie, and sat down for a meal which would wow them!
Since the coupons promised a free sandwich and side, the Harringtons were bold and glutinous in their ordering: Wind River Brewery Pale Ales to drink, Artichoke Dip to begin the meal, a Pulled Pork Sandwich each, one with Potato Salad and one with Baked Beans. Sandwiches come, as Boomer's describes them, Naked. Diners are then given a 6-pack of in-house prepared BBQ sauce which includes nothing but deliciousness in the form of: Original, Bourbon, Habanero Heat, Alabama White, South Carolina Mustard and Carolina Vinegar.

Following a pulled pork sandwich, that throughout the meal served to host to all six sauces, the Harringtons decided it was absolutely necessary to try the Bread Pudding which features a home-made Koltiska sauce (Koltiska being a Wyoming-made liqueur) which was truly out of the world and continues to have Melissa ending the day with a strong and insatiable desire to down another plate (or pan) full of the perfect end to a meal.

So, should you come through Laramie or find yourself living here as some folks do, you should make it a habit to stop in Boomer's BBQ and enjoy a meal that is simple, yet out-of-this world!

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shellycoulter said...

Wow, what a review! We have never tried it...but now I really want to! :) I love BBQ.


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