Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holidays and Other Shenanigans in Sturgis, SD: 2013

Having stopped at Clear Creek Brewing Company in Buffalo, the Harringtons were ready to continue forth to Deadwood, South Dakota for a nights free lodging, a bit of slot machining and most importantly seeing Grandma and Papa Cushing as well as Uncle Bernard.

The drive through the canyon and onto the interstate was relatively uneventful, although the moon did light up the night sky creating a peaceful journey across state lines.
The couple stayed at the Franklin Hotel in Deadwood where they were guests in "Josephine's" room (don't worry, there wasn't an actual escort of sorts in the room, just a plaque with her name on the door). The duo was a bit bummed to notice that another room boasted their own family name and that the grandparents were housed in John Wayne's room, fortunately, the success of the trip wasn't based on the name of the room...then again, perhaps it was.
Following a visit with the grandparents, the Harringtons set out to the casino floor and tried their luck at the slots, it didn't take long to discover that Lady Luck was not on their side and it was a darn good thing Christmas had just come to pass and the couple had some extra money to burn.

The following day involved a breakfast buffet, good-byes and a bit more slots with the Allen parents before heading back to Sturgis for part two of the holiday festivities. Days were passed lounging by the fire place drinking fine beer, staring out the window, reading, watching tv, surfing on the internet, etc. Highlights included the second holiday meal of ham, sinful potatoes and a Snicker Apple Tart for dessert. Opening gifts. A day trip back to Deadwood. Celebrating New Year's Eve with more delicious foods including stuffed wontons (cookie dough in one, cream cheese in the other)and bacon wrapped lil' smokies, a game of Sliders Sorry, movie watching and of course the all to important count-down.
Photobucket Of course, the end came all too soon and the Harringtons were soon on the road, heading back to Laramie and another work week. All the more stuffed and all the more satisfied having spent quality time with family. Photobucket

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