Friday, February 8, 2013

Riggs Family Weekend: Basketball and Sledding

While stopping off at Shadow's Pub and Grill was indeed enjoyable, the primary purpose of making their way over the hill was in fact to spend quality time with the Rigg clan - at least the Cheyenne, Loveland, Erie cousins (and their offspring as well as mom/aunt/grandma) part of the clan. This group of Riggs (which is the maiden name of Mike's mother, for any curious readers), met in Cheyenne to watch some little tyke basketball featuring a little Rigg followed by a High School basketball game being reffed by a slightly older, taller Rigg.

Basketball games aside, the weekend continued with eating, drinking, playing games, chatting and more basketball (Cowboys vs. Air Force). In the course of the first day, multiple games and levels of basketball were watched, rounds of beer, glasses of wine and slices of pizza were consumed - overall, a very fantastic way to spend a Saturday.
The following day, the crew reconvened and met up at Happy Jack for some sledding and of course more eating and drinking. It was, after all, a family gathering. The combination of beautiful weather, a Coleman grill to heat up delicious Elk Chili and a most loving and enjoyable group of people, the day was nothing but pleasant.
Consistently, these moments of being with lovely friends and/or family have been the moments that the Harrington duo relishes and rejoices in. Were it not for having such a lovely bunch of comrades to have returned to the transition from Korea to the USA would have been that much more difficult. However, being as it is, lovely family and lovely places have played a strong role in getting the couple to a point where they are stating to once again, feel at ease in America the Beautiful.

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