Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Home Sweet Home

On August 13th, Mr. and Mrs. Harrington visited the new home of Mrs. Harrington's parents, the Allen's, in Sturgis, South Dakota. Although the trip was short, time with the Allen's was greatly enjoyed. The whole family enjoyed an outing to Deadwood, South Dakota for a hamburger, mini-golf, go-karts and playing the slots. As usual, the Allen's came out ahead after a few hours of gambling whereas the Harrington's just barely came out even. Mini-golf was of course the highlight for Mr. Harrington as he impressed his lovely bride with his putting abilities. Mrs. Allen wowed us all with two holes-in-one and Mrs. Harrington simply looked good and played poorly.

As is habit, Mr. and Mrs. Allen left Sturgis early the next day to attend an Auction and acquire some great new furniture and goods. Mr. and Mrs. Harrington enjoyed sleeping in and deer-watching from the front window of the new home. The Harrington's are excited for the Allen's as they continue to make the new home comfortable and adjust to the beauty of the Black Hills. Mr. and Mrs. Harrington look forward to future visits, enjoying the serenity of the area and exploring the many caves and wonders of South Dakota.

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Anonymous said...

this makes me a little sad. :( home will never be the same for me now that mr. and mrs. allen are no longer there. promise me you'll meet me for bagels at TG someday, even though it's no longer your home base. pretttty puhlease!


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