Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Horn Backpacking Trip Proves Restful

A true wilderness area - Big Horn National Forest.
On a tranquil and beautiful Monday morning Mr. and Mrs. Harrington continued on their tri-state journey, entering the wild of the Big Horn Mountains. Setting off with intentions of climbing Bomber Mountain, the Harrington's soon discovered a deeper need for rest, relaxation and re-energizing. Making their way to Misty Moon, about seven miles in from the trail head, the Harrington's set up camp, enjoyed homemade minestrone and laid their heads down for a night of well deserved rest. Upon waking in the morning, Mr. and Mrs. Harrington concluded that Bomber mountain would always be there and in these days, what they sought and needed was restoration and relaxation - what better place to recieve such things than in the presence of 13,000 foot peaks?

Napping on the trail.
Resting included reading and meeting up with Father Harrington and Sisters Harrington (not to be confused with Catholic nomenclature - this is in reference to the actual father and sisters of Mike Harrington). Both Mike and Melissa were able to finish some reading (Harry Potter and Three Cups of Tea respectively) and enjoy the peace and solitude inherent to Cloud Peak Wilderness Area.

Reading and Resting at the base of Bomber Mountain.
The majority of the Harrington Family posing in front of last years accomplishment - Cloud Peak.

Bomber Mountain maintains its spot on the list of things Mr. and Mrs. Harrington would like to do together. But, for now, they desire above all else to maintain sanity and prepare for the upcoming work year. Bomber will remain and one peak, Cloud Peak, has already been conquered (Summer 07).

In Conclusion, Mrs. Harrington explains, "Relaxation and restoration are necessary components to a healthy lifestyle, that's what we recieved in those three days in the wilderness."

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