Friday, September 26, 2008

Let's Do Tea: A Catchy Phrase and a Successful Business

March 2008 marked the beginning of a new business venture for Melissa Harrington. Having gone to a tea party in February, Melissa rediscovered a deep love for loose leaf tea and began exploring the option of running her own part-time business. A few days after her first tea party, Melissa had signed on as a consultant in the almost five year old direct sales company, Let's Do Tea. Her kit arrived a week or so later full of tea, tea pots, scone mixes, and tea accessories that intrigued and excited Melissa. Within the first month, Melissa had sold over $1,000 in product and earned her kit back for free. Now, six months later, Melissa continues to sell Let's Do Tea products and conduct tea parties in the homes of family, friends and tea lovers.

When asked why she chose to start up with this company as opposed to any other direct sales company Melissa replies, "Let's Do Tea stands firm in their desire to reach into people's homes and inspire hospitality. Let's Do Tea is more about selling a lifestyle of hospitality, time for ourselves and for others than it is about selling tea and teapots, although they offer a fine selection of them all!" She also mentioned the support of her husband and their own personal desire to express a deeper sense of hospitality to those around them. Since starting her business, Melissa and her husband have began hosting couchsurfers and often have friends over for tea, dinner and tea, or games and tea.

Within her business, Melissa has discovered that many people are unfamiliar with tea but find they love it! She has discovered that people prefer tea in the Fall and Winter months although many will contentedly drink coffee all year long. She has also discovered that everyone still loves the idea of having a tea party, there is something classic and nostalgic about gathering around with a cup of tea and meaningful conversation. Melissa has also learned a lot about setting goals and working within ones strengths and passions in order to find success and more importantly to enjoy the work one does. She looks forward to one day being able to survive on her tea income alone, if all goes according to plan, her business will be self-sustaining by the time her and her husband embark on parenthood.

Melissa is confident that she will be having, on average, one party a week as long as school is in session and the weather is cool, just one reason to love living in Laramie, WY. She looks forward to spending more time with family and friends and meeting more of the wonderful Laramie-tea-drinking-community.

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