Monday, March 2, 2009

Of Futures and Opportunities

As is surely common for many young couples, young singles, visionaries, nomads and gypsies; Mike and Melissa have found themselves recently plagued with a desire to leave. The desire is preceded and surrounded by questions regarding the future. A range of questions from where shall they live, what shall they do, when shall they go and for how long. However, it has not been the questions that have left them scratching their heads, but rather the vast range of opportunities that are presented around each bend. As of this moment in time, the Harrington's have simply concluded, "We will live in Laramie from now until summer of 2010, but between now and then - no firm plans, and after then - no firm plans."

Here, in no particular order, are some of the considerations the Harrington's are making in regard to their futures; short-term and long-term.

This summer; shall they go or shall they stay?

Having been gifted a National Parks Pass by sister Luella, Melissa is anxious and desirous to spend summer 2009 travelling the U.S. exploring parks, mountains, rivers, canyons, restaurants, and of course couches. Mike also sees the reasoning behind this but has his heart set on World Cup 2010 and looks toward ways of saving money as to see the actualization of this dream. Compromising may include working Cheyenne Frontier Days and/or Sturgis Motorcycle Rally as a means of funding some future fun and travel. However, the Harrington's may also choose to stay in the Wyoming area so that they may enjoy the coummunity of friends here and events such as Mud Volleyball and Nowoodstock. To complicate matters further, Mike is also considering enrolling in a construction/contracting course offered by LCCC so as to gain a skill that would surely bring about great benefit to the happy couple.

After World Cup; what shall they do?

The Harrington's have been given tons of information regarding teaching English in Hong Kong. Teaching English where ever they wish is also an option! Most recently, the Harrington's have been chatting with their good friend Mark and were lead to consider WOOFing (Working on Organic Farms). These opportunities would provide room and board and teaching may even provide an income. A serious consideration at this point would be to purchase an around the world ticket and visit many of their desired locations choosing to work on farms, teach English or seek out other service opportunities.

Long-term future; should they even consider this?

Whether the answer is yes or no, the fact is the Harrington's have been considering what they may want to do in order to fulfill their passions, desires and talents. Here, in no particular order are some thoughts and musings from the Harrington conversations: Be a mother/father, Run a Bed and Breakfast, Manage a small eBay business, Sell Tea (obviously), Start up a Non-Profit Organization called 'Books for Babies', Repair homes, and Serve as a 'Disaster' specialist - building and repairing homes in locations of devastaion.

What the Harrington's decide to do is still in the Hands of One who is much bigger and wiser and they have no desire to push into the future unguided and unaware. They do however, look forward to the days and years ahead with great anticipation and seeing the ways in which their passions and talent are put to work and even changed as each day passes.

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