Saturday, April 11, 2009

Now Taking Recommendations

The time has come. Mike and Melissa are prepared to share their summer plans. The couple remains at the drawing board when considering life after August 2009, yet recognize that there is plenty of time for those plans to come into focus.
Now, prepare yourself for the unvieling of The Harrington Plans for Summer 2009...
The summer will begin with the Harringtons serving as Program Co-ordinators for High School Summer Institute. This position will occupy the Harringtons from June 6th - June 27th. They will enjoy the days resting and working a desk shift or two. Evenings will be full of entertaining AWESOME high school students (and being entertained by high school students). Weekends will provide some great experiences as well, including a trip to Denver, complete with a Colorado Rockies game and trip to the IMAX theater.
Upon the close of this position the Harrington's will pack their car. The month of July will be an exciting time of Road Tripping, ending in either Sturgis, SD or Cheyenne to work some big events. This is were you come in. Travel Plans for the summer are a simple sketch at this point, the Harringtons want the input of trusted friends and fellow travellers so that they can reap the greatest experience possible. Here's the sketch: The Harringtons will be making a loop starting either by going to South Dakota or Colorado then looping through Arizona, South Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, Idaho, and Montana. The couple plans to visit many National Parks and sleep on many couches. What the couple is hoping for is any pointers regarding obscure tourist traps, shops, restaurants, sights, etc. that you, our readers, are familiar with! They WANT your recommendations for places to see on the West Coast or in any states within our path!
All help and input is greatly appreciated. All advice will be fully considered and given a fair chance to enter the Road Trip plans of Mike and Melissa Harrington. Thank you for your help and consideration.


j-mart said...

I recommend that you stay in Laramie so I have someone to fish with... ;-P

Annalise Parady said...

How far into AZ? Let me know so I can offer those tips. :)

If you go through Edgerton, WY, on your way to SD, the Edgerton Cafe has the most amazing pie ever. Also, all of their food is delicious, and their portions are quite generous.


Sarah said...

If you are going through California I would highly recommend Yosemite National Park. It is beautiful! Also, if you are wanting some time on the beach the central California coast is nice. Very scenic and relaxing. Just last July I vacationed with my family in the San Luis Obispo area. We camped for a few nights in San Simeon. (Very nice - right on the beach. But you would most likely need reservations in advance.) I would also recommend Morro Bay.

I went to school at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, so if you decide to swing through that area, let me know and I can give a lot of restaurant suggestions. In Morro Bay - the Hofbrau is a must! There is also a great hike in Montana de Oro.

Sounds like you will have a ton of fun and see a lot!
Sarah Lindquist (from LDT)


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