Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lessons from the Couch: June, August, September '09

As should be expected of the Harrington's, they sandwiched their summer travels and CouchSurfing as guests between CouchSurfing as hosts. June had room for a couple guests prior to the Harrington's summer job as High School Institute staff, July was their time to crash couches, August only offered a few short days to host, but the Harrington's met the challenge with flying colors and late night guests, September then has been the Harrington's first full month of hosting since May. The past few months have held some fabulous stories, lessons, and even changes in the way Mike and Melissa are able to enjoy CouchSurfing community. With the month of September, the Harrington's were finally able to organize a get together of other local Laramie hosts and CouchSurfing members, kindling new local friendships. We should expect the Harrington's to have many exciting adventures and friendships to come.

Tuesday June 2: Chris and Nate - Brothers en route to Cali

Thank you so much for letting us surf your couches. The mystery dinner was fabulous. All your friends seemed very open to having two outsiders come and join the fun. The "Easter" chicken kiev was wonderful and hit the spot. For those coming after us, Bourbon Street Vanilla Tea is the way to go!!....You have made our first couchsurfing experience wonderful and we cannot thank you enough!

Chris and Nate

Tuesday June 2: Mike and Melissa
  • Familial love and companionship is one of life's greatest gifts
  • Mystery dinners are fun for ALL people!
  • There is always time for an 80's flashback

Thursday June 4: Sarah and Murphy

It was a pleasure losing my Couchsurfing virginity to you both :) You are exactly the type of people I hoped i would meet on this trip - you an awesome worldview and strive to make your place in humanity. Good luck on your trip; I hope it is amazing. Thanks you so much for the couch!

Thursday June 4: Mike and Melissa

  • When "work" comes to an end, there are many celebrations to be had.
  • Dogs struggle to adjust to Mike
  • Dogs are also women's best friend.

Monday August 17: Kelly - exploring the West

Thank you so much for opening you home to us! It has really opened my eyes to see how great CouchSurfing can be. I really enjoyed spending time with you both and I'm still not fond of that card game (Nerts) but once I get fast enough...don't worry, I will be back! :) I just want to say thanks, you both are AMAZING and I'm so glad I go this opportunity. I'm glad I got out of Iowa :)

Monday August 17: Mike and Melissa

  • It's a joy to come back to friends
  • It's also a joy to come back to old favorite card games
  • Everybody loves tea!

Friday August 21: Christina and Paul

We are so thankful to have had such wonderful hosts! And to have arrived on a Settler's night was a HUGE bonus - hope there's no bad feelings :) My snake was also very happy to have a home to sleep in, and will surely visit again soon. Your jam was delicious and inspirational (now I want to make some!) Good luck with everything and happy trails.

Friday, August 21: Mike and Melissa

  • First: A "sweet" little yellow snake laid in a pillowcase on our kitchen table!
  • Mike can't always win Settler's of Catan
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup is not necessary for delicious and sweet jam.

Wednesday, August 26: Alex from New Zealand

Thanks soooo much for letting me stay at your place on such short notice (what was it, like 2 hours or something?) Y'all saved me from having to sleep in my car. To bad we didn't get to hang out for longer before I hit the road. It's people like you that have really made this trip of mine great. If y'all ever find your selves in NZ, hit me up for sure!!! Thanks again and best wishes for what the future might hold.

Wednesday, August 26: Mike and Melissa

  • We are not the only one who face car challenges while travelling
  • Hospitality doesn't sleep...(hehe, just kidding, Melissa was totally sleeping)

Thursday, September 3: Dan in town for a show

Hello, fellow CouchSurfers! After hosting some 20 odd CouchSurfers myself, I decided to venture out as a surfer. You both were so kind to accommodate me on short notice. I felt welcome and safe. Though I did not get to meet Melissa, I can tell from the pictures and the house that she is a total sweetheart. Mike, thanks for the tea and good conversation and if you ever find yourselves in Jackson Hole again, please visit.

Thursday, September 3: Mike and Melissa

  • Once you're committed, you're committed.
  • The University puts on some decent shows.

Thursday, September 4: Annie Idaho...East!

Hooray! It's morning and there's sunlight streaming in, a cup of steaming tea, and a peach. What better way to start my day? Thank's, Melissa and Mike, for hosting me and sharing your home and company, I'm sorry I didn't get here earlier, it would have been great to get to know you a little bit. Thanks for all the tea! That's such a comfort blanket and much appreciated. If you ever wind up in my neck of the woods (New Hampshire? Idaho? Wisconsin? who knows where I'll be), I hope you look me up and let me return the hospitality.

Thursday, September 4: Mike and Melissa

  • Idaho isn't just for potatoes, it's for gorgeous, giant zucchini too!
  • Tea is a comfort blanket - yay!
  • Just do it! - Start the Laramie CS Community group and start having some potlucks!

Sunday, September 13: Cailin

Thanks so much for making my first couch surfing experience a good one :) The breakfast, mattress and shower were stupendous! And the fellowship was much needed! You are great friends and I appreciate you so much. Love you.

Sunday, September 13: Mike and Melissa

  • Hardly anything beats having a good friend spend the weekend with you.
  • Yogurt Parfaits can bring great comfort an expecting mother.
  • Lemonade cookies are great at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tuesday, September 15: David and Ricky, members of The Spring Leaves

Thank you so much once again for allowing us to stay in your living room and being able to take a shower. your sharing and warmness is demonstrating a lot to me about the beauty humanity actually contains....I hope the best for both of you, AND that you continue a life of what seems full of happiness. - David

En primer lugar, tengo que duros las gracias pos vuestra hospitalidad y carino. La velada de ayer fue inolvidable....Os deseo mucha suerte y felicidad en los anos venideros. - Ricardo

Tuesday, September 15: Mike and Melissa

  • It is important to take risks and work for what you believe in.
  • There is a certain joy in finding out your guest played football for a college team which your team has recently beat.
  • Relationships begin in all matter of ways; for example, by teaching English.

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