Thursday, July 2, 2009

Driving on the Edge

Day 4: June 30, 2009 - Taylor Park, CO to Durango, CO
Superstar-dom for Melissa

Waking up in Taylor Park was just as enjoyable as entering Taylor Park, such stunning views! We prepared ourselves for the road, making sure to leave a thank you and some tea for our couchsurfing host. Mike began his day with a 2 mile bike ride up hill while Melissa purchased a couple postcards and hopped in behind the drivers wheel to pick up her beloved.
After only 30 miles on the road, we reached Gunnison, CO a place of childhood memories for Melissa and home to a great coffee shop known as The Bean. One of Melissa's fondest memories from the town was playing mini-golf there while her grandfather worked on the telephone lines. To attend to the child inside, we made a pit-stop at a mini-golf course and boy was Melissa glad! June 30, 2009 marked the first ever mini-golf win for Melissa Harrington against the husband Mike Harrington. The win was highlighted by two holes-in-one!

Shortly after playing the most amazing round of mini-golf, we headed toward the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. The canyon was incredible and we enjoyed the cool breeze and beautiful sights, which left us speechless and shutter happy...
On the road again, we enjoyed the sights and Mike often thought aloud "Why do so many Coloradans come to Wyoming mountains?" This thought was interrupted upon entering the town of Montrose, CO where we purchased the most delicious Mt. Ranier Cherries and were referred to an authentic Mexican restaurant "none of that Tex-Mex stuff" named Taco Riendo. It was here that we enjoyed homemade salsas, homemade tortillas, pineapple water, chicken, beef, and beef tongue. That's correct: Mike enjoyed two beef tongue tacos in Montrose, CO!

The entire days drive was spent in the mountains, winding and snaking up and down the passes that rode dangerously close to the edge. Regardless of the "seeming" danger, the views were breath-taking. We had a great photo session at the head of a powerful waterfall - one of Melissa's favorite stops thus far.

By nightfall, we arrived in Durango, CO. We made our first stop at a Natural Foods CO-OP, purchased a few ingredients and made our way to our couchsurfers home to prepare him and others an evening meal and enjoy some great conversation. Zach, our host, has a great passion for Food CO-OPs, shopping local, free trad, Oxfam America, gardening and of course couchsurfing. He introduced us to a few local micro-brews, a dog who had travelled 75 miles with a previous couchsurfer, and a handful of Durangonians. Day 4: Successful!

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