Thursday, November 5, 2009

Of Football and Family

One mid-September weekend the Laramie Harrington clan; Mike, Melissa, Katie and Molly, all made the trek down south to Boulder, CO to witness the Pokes take on the Buffs and spend some quality time with the Rigg family, Mike's maternal kinsmen. Highlights of the weekend included gourmet pizza from Pearl Streets BJ's pizza, multiple games of Corn-Hole and Red-Neck Golf, Cassie's famous chocolate chip cookies, Wyoming 'Riggs' vs. All-Other 'Riggs' Kick-ball Tourney, delcious morning smoothies and breakfast sandwiches and the purchase of a brand-new board game called: Quelf. Unfortunately, the weekend was also marked by the UW Cowboys playing a less-than-impressive game of football in the company of less-than-impressive CU fans (and even a few UW fans). The Harrington clan enjoyed spending time with cousins they've lost connection with or are just having the opportunity to know. There were many opportunities to laugh, learn and enjoy the presence of family.

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