Thursday, November 26, 2009

Making Plans

As the Harrington's welcomed in November, they also got serious about making some decisions. The Harrington's are set on travelling to South Africa this coming summer in order to enjoy the 3rd/4th match of the World Cup. However, where the plan remained undefined was every moment after the World Cup. As July 2010 looms in a not so distant future, the Harrington's have begun to make a few more decisions regarding their "new year."

As of today, November 25, the Harrington's plan on attending an exhilarating match of football (aka: soccer) in July of 2010 at Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Following the game, the Harrington's hope to have a few weeks for pleasure and a few weeks for volunteer work somewhere on the majestic continent of Africa. Beginning in one of two fine months, August or September, the Harrington's plan to land in one of four "top-choice" Asian countries with a contract to teach sweet children or awesome adults the intricacies of speaking the English language. With a primary goal of continuing to save money, the Harrington's have narrowed thier Asian country choices down to the following four: South Korea, Thailand, China and Taiwan.

Melissa is currently certified and practicing the art of teaching English as a Foregin Language while Mike begins his coursework to receive certification in time to submit applications for the upcoming school year.

We at The Harrington Times hope you continue to check in for further decisions made by the Harrington's as the research and discuss the possibilities that lie ahead. Also, be sure to share your opinion with The Harrington's on the Times poll, posted in the upper right hand corner of this periodical.

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Christina Morice Allen said...

Melissa, I just thought you should know that I am taking a mission trip to Africa this summer. I am definitely convinced that a) you have been facebook stalking me or b) some other option that I have not come up with yet.


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