Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Just In: Harrington's Purchase Around the World Ticket

On the eve of Tuesday, January 26, 2010, Mike and Melissa Harrington confirmed the purchase of a ticket that will take them half way around the world. For months now we have heard talk of the Harrington's plan to travel, this past Tuesday, these plans became more clearly focused and more clearly a reality. With some covert operations, we at the Harrington Times are able to publish here, for you our readers the dates and destinations of the Harrington couple. (Some dates subject to change).

May 28th - Denver, CO to Honolulu, HI with a layover in San Francisco, CA

June 4th - Honolulu, HI to Denver, CO with a layover in San Francisco, CA

June 28th - Denver, CO to Guatemala City, Guatemala with a layover in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

July 3rd-5th - Guatemala City, Guatemala to Cape Town, South Africa with layovers in Miami, FL; New York, NY; and Doha, Qatar

July 22nd - Cape Town, South Africa to Bangkok, Thailand

With these dates comes the Harrington's tentative itinerary:

May 28th through June 4th, the Harrington's will be enjoying the Hawaiian life and celebrating the marriage of dear friends; our own best man, Abram, will be committing his life to a lovely Mallory. Upon returning to the Laramie area, the Harrington's hope to work the University of Wyoming's Summer High School Institute from June 6th until June 26th. This will provide a bit of extra cash before taking flight and provide some day time hours to spend with dear friends and family in the Laramie area. Tentatively, the Harrington's would like to host a final "going away party" on the 27th of June, although details have not been set. They will then board a plane on the 28th that will see them to Guatemala where they will be privileged to meet their World Vision Sponsor Child, Doris. From Guatemala, the Harrington's will begin a long trek to Cape Town, South Africa where they will travel the southern coast of South Africa before attending the 3rd/4th match of the World Cup. The Harrington's are currently considering the option of extending their stay in South Africa to serve in the AIDS ministry of Living Hope - South Africa. Should they choose this route, they will arrive in Thailand later than scheduled, otherwise, they will arrive in Thailand as scheduled and enjoy some travelling, perhaps visiting friends throughout Asia and eventually making their way to either China or South Korea for a year or more of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Continue to check back on the Harrington Times as we keep you up-to-date with the latest plans of Mike and Melissa. An article on tentative South African adventures is in the works and should soon be posted.

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In the life of Nikki and Gary said...

Oh my goodness Melissa!!! You two are so amazing! I love your adventures and hope you'll be able to update your blog a few times on your journey. I wish you both the very best and hope to see you before you depart!!!


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