Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lessons from the Couch: January 26th - 28th

On January 26th, Mike and Melissa Harrington gave a gentlemen from the Netherlands permission to enter their home one half hour before their return home from their days of work. Having arrived via Greyhound bus, young Thierry walked a few blocks from the Shell station to the Harrington home and waited patiently for his hosts to make their appearance. Soon as Mrs. Harrington entered the basement apartment Thierry was offering his gratitude for a place to stay and appreciation for the trust excercised by his hosts in letting him have the house to himself for a short time.

Soon, the evening was under way. A growler of brew purchased and a dish of Sesame Noodles with Purple Kale prepared, the Harrington's enjoyed an evening meal with their guest while devising plans for the next 48 hours or so. Melissa had a meeting to attend so it was decided that Mark and some other friends would be invited over to play a game or two of Settlers of Catan with our European guest. By this time in the evening, it was also decided that Mike would wake up with such a sickness that he would have only one possible remedy, to take our guest snowshoeing. These things being decided upon, the evening continued, Catan was played and finally we all reached our pillows.

The next morning, Thierry and Mike slept in until about ten before making their way into the Snowy Mountain Range for a day of snowshoeing fun. They both made it home for another exciting Laramie evening. Mike accompanied our guest to the University of Wyoming Cowboys basketball game whie Melissa attended yet another meeting. The game was followed up with a short and insightful scavenging trip which yielded pizza, angel food cake, cookies and a few hot-dogs amongst other things. With these adventures under his belt, Thierry made his way once again to the hide-a-bed only to be leaving the Harrington household at 1:30 in la manana for the faithful Greyhound bus, continuing on his Cross-Country-soon-to-be-West-Coast-America tour.

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