Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Breakfast in their Pajamas

On Saturday, February 6th, Mike and Melissa had the immense pleasure of enjoying breakfast with the Harrington sisters, Mark, Mihretu, and Zuma. The Harrington's have done their best to create a tradition of weekly Family Dinners, usually taking place on a Thursday night. This past week however, some conflict arose in scheduling putting the family meal back a couple days, opening up Saturday for a breakfast and pajama date. The Harrington's along with their brotherly friend, Mark had the added joy of babysitting Mihretu while his parents attended an important meeting. The five adults, one toddler and one puppy enjoyed a lazy Saturday morning with Breakfast Smoothies and Cinnamon Rolls. The event was a success and could easily find itself duplicated within the coming weeks and months, perhaps even with a slumber party thrown in the night before. However, only time will tell when the Harrington's will share the first moments of their day together again.

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