Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Less Than a Week Left to Contribute

That's right, the Jackalope Jump is just around the corner. In fact, it's this Saturday, at 1:00. The current weather in Laramie is 15 degrees, but fortunately it's scheduled to warm up a little according to the weather man (so who really knows?). Right now, the forecast says that Saturday will be partly cloudy with a high of 34 degrees, a low of 17 degrees and a 20% chance of precipitation. Translation: Nice and toasty for a seasoned Wyomingite living in Laramie!

The chances of Mr. Harrington donning a hat, mask, red bandana and other such Lone Ranger garb is 112.5%. He will definitely be getting in the water. The question is only: How far? That question will remain unanswered until jump day. However, Mr. Harrington did hint to the fact that the more donations he gets, the more likely he will be to fully submerge himself in the frigid waters of Huck Finn pond. In his jump group, Mr. Harrington stands at a disappointing #3 in the rankings in terms of fundraising. Any normal person would be excited to be in that position. However, Mr. Harrington is not a normal person. He has allowed his competitiveness to get to him, and wants to go for the gold. Perhaps he will even create a gold medal for himself in the spirit of the Winter Olympics...but first, he must get the gold!

The race is on, the fundraising is for a worthy cause! Only days left to determine what medal Mr. Harrington will fasten to himself after his jump, and how far he will submerge himself in the frigid waters. To give, please visit his giving homepage at: and click "Give now". Please help Mr. Harrington's icy dip feel worthwhile! You can also use the application on the right:

Disclaimer: Mr. Harrington in no way wants you to give under compulsion--only for the satisfactory reason of giving to a worthy cause: The Wyoming Special Olympics.

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