Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stories from the Couch: February 16th

The Harrington's had the great joy of hosting a loving, gentle, generous and beautiful woman this past Tuesday evening. Having read that there guest had an interest in intentional communities the Harrington's eagerly invited their dear friend Mark, who is also interested in intentional communities, over to enjoy a dinner of Pancakes with homemade Strawberry-Apple Syrup followed by Chips and Salsa with a Guiness. By the time they were enjoying the chips and salsa course, they had also been joined by another dear friend, Mike N., recently returned from Malawi as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Pancakes were provided by the Harrington's in celebration of Mardi Gras while their Surfer offered chips and salsa as a pleasant salty addition to the evenings eating enjoyment. However, it was not the food that made the meal memorable, it was rather, the conversations of the night.

After acquiring all the formal information regarding livlihoods, travel routes, weather etc. the Harrington's and guests were fortunate to hear Julia refer to her sense that Wyoming was a 'Yes', Nebraska was a 'No'. The fortune of this moment lies primarily in the mutual realizations of Mark and Melissa that these phrases are part of a most beloved song, "Oh Yes! Wyoming!" The dinner party enjoyed a good laugh and prepared to watch the video presenting this gem of a sing-a-long.

The evening continued late into the evening with conversations surrounding food production, healthy food habits, the government and the corruption of America, tire houses and desires for future gardens and intentional living. All who were present were filled with joy in their having come together and having the opportunity to share life for one short yet full-of-life night.

In the morning, the Harrington's enjoyed a breakfast of polenta, topped with black-beans, salsa and eggs prepared by Julia before heading off to work and sending Julia on her way back to California after a few years out east studying and practicing art.

Chalk that up for one more positive experience for Mike and Melissa via

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