Friday, February 26, 2010

Addressing the Lenten Season by Drinking Milk from a Glass Bottle

Lent is most notably a season of sacrifice for many in the Catholic faith and a smattering of Protestant believers. Many who practice lent choose to give up things such as coffee, caffeine, chocolate or media from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday. Equally popular, many of the faith communities will add something to their daily lives such a reading scripture, praying for one thing specifically or praying more, thinking positively, etc. This year for lent, the Harrington's are trying to add goodness to their lives via the spiritual by reading the New Testament and placing greater focus on Prayer. However, the Harrington's also made a decision to get intentional about food consumption, as it is a topic of passion for various reasons.

Melissa Harrington has been passionate about food for as long as she can remember; whether it was to eat or prepare, to be healthy or homemade. Mike Harrington as well has always been passionate about the consumption of food and has become increasingly passionate about food and where it comes from as he's learned about dumpster diving and watched movies such as Food Inc. With these things in mind and a desire to support the local community, the Harrington's have committed themselves to only purchasing food items from Laramie's Big Hollow Food Co-op and Whole Earth Grainery until Easter. One of the greatest facets of this committment is that the Harrington's are not only eating wholesome, local foods, but they also are receiving the joy of drinking milk from a glass bottle. For the Harrington's, these are the good ole days.

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