Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Home in Antigua

On Monday, June 29th, Mike and Melissa Harrington arrived in Antigua Guatemala. With address in hand and Quetzales in wallet, the couple loaded themselves and their belongings into a Tuk-Tuk and arrived at Dona Chiqui’s home. Dona Chiqui has been host to many students and travelers; she currently hosts a friend of a friend to the Harrington’s, Sarah. It is Sarah who made the Harrington’s and their friend Mark’s arrangements for Guatemala. It is Sarah who served as a faithful and intelligent guide to the Harrington’s while they explored and enjoyed Antigua.

When staying with Dona Chiqui guests are treated to three homemade meals each day, a private room, showers and even access to a washer and clothesline. The meals alone would satisfy any weary traveler, ranging from cereal and fresh fruits in the morning to refried beans and eggs for dinner; however, it’s the lunches that are meant to fill ones stomach. Lunch has daily included homemade corn tortillas from a neighbor, fresh vegetables with a lemon-salt-onion dressing, slow-cooked meats in tasty sauces and a cold refreshing beverage. Lunch is particularly enjoyable when one has the promise of either napping or playing with neighborhood children in the coming hour.

It took only a matter of days for the Harrington’s to feel at home with Dona Chiqui, her son Christian and Sarah. For five days they have had a home in Antigua, Guatemala and will always remember fondly their time in the home of tile floors and concrete walls set in the city of cobblestone streets and brightly colored shops.

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