Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Travelling Moments: Time Spent in the Air and in Transit

One drawback of travelling the world are the occassional days of transitioning from one location to the next. From Antigua, Guatemala to Cape Town, South Africa the Harrington's had more than their fair share of time in various airports and on a couple of airlines. Fortunately, their longest stretches of airtime were on the five-star airline, Qatar Airways and even lead them to a one night layover in a fine hotel with delicious Persian foods, hot showers and a most comfortable bed.

The Harrington's began their three day trek to South Africa on American Airlines from Antigua, Guatemala to Miami, Florida. The flight was short and pleasant enough, however the airport was overwhelming and disorganized. The couple was required to retrieve their luggage, go through customs and passport control before making their way to the departing gate. All of this was done in a crowded space with few signs or staff to point the way and reassure the passenger that indeed their luggage would arrive at it's final destination. So it was with great trust they made their way to their gate and eventually their plane where they waited another couple of hours until take-off due to an undisclosed medical emergency.

Arrival in New York also included a bit of locating and resubmitting luggage before grabbing a slice of pizza and waiting for their next flight. The Harrington's waited in anticipation of their flight on Qatar Airways as they had great expectations for high-class service. Their expectations were met and exceeded when they boarded their airbus to find a pillow, blanket, and small satchel holding socks, eyemask, ear plugs, and a toothbrush with toothpaste. The seats were comfortable, there were many movies to choose from, complimentary meals and wine all provided for a most enjoyable flight before landing in Doha, Qatar.

Upon landing, the couple were shuttled to a hotel where they enjoyed dinner and the most lavish accomodations. Having sat in gum at some point during the travels, Melissa made use of the en suite washer and eventually worked out the gum issue before lying down to a good-nights sleep alongside her husband. Morning came quickly but allowed for a quick shower and breakfast buffet before being shuttled to the airport.
At the airport, the Harrington's met up with their friends Abram and Mallory and together the foursome boarded the plane alongside Uruguayans and Dutch, making their way South for big games and big game.

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