Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Stop, Two Great Escapes

Following their walk with the cheetahs and viewing of African wild cats, caracals, servals and a leopard, the Harrington's and crew made their way down the street Monkeyland and Birds of Eden. Monkeyland provided a wide variety of monkeys to view, to hear and to catch on film. The squirrel monkey's were particularly active and offered some great entertainment as they ran, jumped and dived from tree to tree, from ground to feeding station. The crew was also fortunate enough to see one of the parks three gibbons up close and personal as he swung from the branches and came down to offer some beter photographic oppotunities. Before leaving Monkeyland the group of six also had the good fortune of acting out their own monkey like behavior as they crossed one of the world's longest swinging bridges (longest according to the guide).

Having seen the monkey's and made it across the swinging bridge the group walked a few meters across a parking lot and began their exploration of Birds of Eden. The aviary provided a great variety of brightly colored macaws, pheasants and even one large, brown bat hanging from the top of the netting. Chirps, caws, songs and sounds surrounded the Harrington's as they walked the boardwalk and tried to spot the birds who made the music which filled the air.

With their fill of birds and monkeys and having a lunch date to make, the Harrington's and friends made their way to a local winery for tapas and wine before heading to their final destination of their wild day.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, Mike! Nice work!

Micah and SaraJane said...

Just seeing that bridge and thinking of you walking on it makes my stomach flip.... heights = yuckiness! Glad you stayed safe and had a good time. Miss and love you both!


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