Monday, July 5, 2010

Timeline: the Chronological Order of Events in Guatemala

For family and friends who would like a concise format of how the Harrington's spent their time in Guatemala, the following has been composed:

Sunday, June 28th: Arrive in Guatemala City ~9:30
Stay at Dos Lunas, Mike’s first hostel experience.
Tuesday, June 29th: Breakfast at Dos Lunas while watching Paraguay v. Japan
Drive to San Raymundo – visit Doris and her Family
Arrive in Antigua to stay with Mark, Sarah and her host family, Dona Chiqui
Wednesday, June 30th: Breakfast followed by tostadas, chili relleno and reinita
Visit and explore Market – flowers, pottery, fruits, veggies, meats, artisan
Thursday, July 1st: Explore the Market, purchase various souvenirs
Grab a Tostada
Mike and Mark play football (soccer) with neighborhood children
Walk to restaurant for Potato Tacos
Grab a beer, Gallo, at Monoloco
Friday, July 2nd: Watch Brazil v. Netherlands
Visit the Textiles Museum
Watch Uruguay v. Ghana
Visit an Indoor Market, eat ice cream and of course one more tostada
Last Supper in Guatemala with our host family and dear friend Mark
Saturday, July 3rd: Depart Guatemala at 7:00 am

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