Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stories from the Couch: Batting and Beverages

Following Easter Dinner on the 8th of April, the Harrington's welcomed into their home a lovely CouchSurfing couple: Tugca and Onur. Tugca and Onur hail from the great nation of Turkey but are currently working on doctorate work in the field of astronomy in Northern Ireland. The couple made their way to South Korea after Tugca won a free ticket from Turkish Airlines. The two enjoyed nearly a week of living life in Daejeon and spent 4 of those days, 5 of those nights with the Harrington duo.

After a bit of a trial finding the Harrington's abode on Easter night, the couple finally arrived, dropped off their luggage and headed out to dinner with their previous hosts. Upon their return, Melissa and the couple chatted a little covering the basics of being CS guests in the Harrington home before everybody was off to dream sweet dreams of new friendships and insights only possible through

The following day, Tugca and Onur explored Daejeon's KASI observatory with a previous colleague while the Harrington's made their way to their respective schools.  A bit exhausted from all that Monday's entail, the crew opted to stay in on Monday evening taking time to get to know each other and their respective cultures over a bowl of Kimchi Chigae.

Fortunately, the following day left everyone more energetic and ready for a night out on the town, especially considering the mid-week holiday in lieu of Korea's National Election Day. So it was, on Tuesday night, the foursome met up with Aaron and made their way to a typical Korean restaurant to enjoy everything from kimbap to bibimbap, from mandu to sujaebe. Stuffed to the brim, the group then made their way to meet up with James at the Dunsan batting cages where Tugca, Onur and even Melissa made their first attempts at swinging a bat and even...
throwing a few pitches.  By the time all the coins were spent the crew had grown to six, worked out their arm muscles in whole new ways, won strange looking creatures from the claw machine and even shot a few basketballs.
Choosing to make the most of this Tuesday eve before a mid-week holiday, the group made their way to AnyBeer where everything is possible with the technology of a touchscreen TV at every table. And what exactly is 'everything'? With the touchscreen TV of AnyBeer, a table of party-goers can order more snacks, drinks, water, cups, etc. some items are free of charge but the menu is also provided so customers can enjoy a large variety of bar food. Additionally, the screens offer drinking games such as 'Alligator Dentist' and 'Rock-Paper-Scissors'. If you're looking for something a little less playful, why not receive your fortune with the fortune teller option, although you must read and understand Korean for this to be beneficial. Not exactly your style? How about turning on the webcam option and chatting up (using an instant messenger) with some other bar customers - great opportunity to make faces and terrify the locals. Still not seeing an option that triggers your interest? Why not wait around for a special event or auction? Who knows, you may win a bottle of Soju or a nice discount on your total tab by conquering a special event which includes a rollicking game of heads or tails. Or you may have the good fortune of winning an auction item which could allow for rather significant savings on your favorite food item or beverage. The options of touchscreen fun are endless at AnyBeer and the crew got in a few good rounds of Alligator Dentist and auction bidding before making their way to a Maekoli bar near TimeWorld Galleria.

Unlike AnyBeer, the Maekoli (traditional Korean rice wine that it is fantastically delicious) bar provided a low-key environment, delicious kim-chi pancakes and a nice opportunity to chat about all things including Feta Cheese at Homeplus and the funny/appalling/ridiculous side of stereotypes (think, Borat). Eventually, the maekoli bar reached closing hours and the married couples made their way home whilst the young gents went out for a bit more merry making which involved a ball pit at 3 am - things the old Harrington duo can't imagine.


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HTŞŞ said...

Dear Melissa,
Those were all adorable days for us! We are very thankful for your friendship and all those delicious food we tasted together.
You know what? I'm really missing maekoli here =)



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