Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Very Belated Valentine's Tradition

For four years of Valentine's Days as a Mr. and Mrs., Mike and Melissa have consistently opted to dine in rather than out. While dining in is not particularly rare for the couple, cooking together is indeed, rare. The reasons for this center around a) Melissa's love for cooking and being in the kitchen and b) Melissa's love for cooking and being in the kitchen and c) Melissa's slight inability, especially in the early days of marriage, to keep her mouth shut regarding others strange kitchen and cooking habits...aka, a lack of grace and gratitude.

However, a few years of marriage have toned down Melissa's critical nature but not released her from her love of cooking, so it remains, Valentine's Day is always a sure bet for a meal, cooked together by M'n'M.

Unfortunately, or fortunately considering the circumstances, Valentine's Day required a delay this year. On the actual 14th of February, the couple was enjoying a visit from friends and fiery red dalk-galbi. Shortly after the holiday, the couple enjoyed a vacation in Vietnam. Upon returning, they were soaking up time with yet more friends and finally began a new semester and new routine which wasn't ready for couple cooking until a few weeks in, and that, dear readers is why Valentine's day was belated.

Therefore, on the eve of March 25th, the couple set out to prepare and enjoy the Valentine's tradition which began with soft, Black Forest Cheese courtesy of Time World Galleria, crackers and Crab Apple Wine courtesy of August Vacations at Home and Prairie Berry Winery of South Dakota.

Read more and discover the menu...

With just enough sustenance to continue on with the meal preparations, Melissa got to work on the Balsamic Vinegar Caramelized Onion Bruschetta while Mike began pounding out chicken breasts for Pesto-Ricotta stuffed Chicken. The main meal was then served up with a loaf of Jamie Oliver's Basic Bread and more wine. Impressively, bellies were fully satisfied and no dessert was served this year for the belated Valentine's meal.

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