Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stories from the Couch: Meet-ups and Cherry Blossoms

For months upon months, the Harrington's went without any CouchSurfing experiences except those they semi-orchestrated in Vietnam, but hosting opportunities were beginning to look like a thing of the past.  However, with the arrival of Tugca and Onur, the Harrington's received additional CouchRequests and were surprised at having to consider turning down a request just to ensure they had enough time to clean their home and enjoy each other's company. Fortunately, turning down a request doesn't always mean you don't get to experience CouchSurfing, it more accurately means you don't have to clean your home.  A recent request (which in truth the Harrington's didn't even have an opportunity to turn down since another lovely CouchSurfing couple beat them to the acceptance part of the CouchRequest) turned into a meet-up that introduced a pleasant set of CouchSurfers under the softly lit Cherry Blossoms of Chungnam University.

On Tuesday, April 17th, the Harrington's made their way toward Chungnam National University to meet up with Californian Jessica who currently resides on Jeju Island and has not called California, nor the United States Home in over 4 years and her Daejeon hosts, Matt and Dani hailing from Maine and currently planning their wedding from a few thousand miles away from where ceremonies and celebrations will take place.  Introductions out of the way, the CS crew meandered onto the University Campus and enjoyed their stroll through the Cherry Blossoms under the cover of night and street lights. Conversations ranged from wedding plans, to life in Daejeon, to CouchSurfing experiences, to running and Vibrams, amongst a host of other things.

Having sufficiently meandered the paths under the Cherry Blossoms the group headed into Gung-dong to grab a drink and throw some darts at Santa Claus. As the night concluded, each member of CS was reminded or enlightened as to the joys of the CouchSurfing project and made plans for future meet-ups and hopes of future nights sitting together and chatting about farm-based, food-growing and serving dreams.

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