Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fine Dining in Daejeon: 싸다돼지마을

Although the Harrington's love a good hamburger or taco, the truth is they love Korean food and cook plenty of it at home while also making their way out to the many fine-dining establishments of Daejeon. Time and time again, the Harrington's make their way to Gung-dong where some of the best food for the best prices is located. And of those Gung-dong restaurants there is one 싸다돼지마을 (Cheap Pork Village) that has them hooked, nearly addicted to their go-juchang bul-gogi (thinly sliced meat in a spicy, red pepper sauce, wrapped with lettuce)

The couple has gone to this restaurant more than any other in Daejeon, they often take friends, CouchSurfers and even family so as to impart the deliciousness that is go-juchang bul-gogi.

And if you were to go with Mike and Melissa, they would inform you that while the meat is delicious and absolutely to die for, the real treasure of eating at 'cheap pork village' is the cheesy volcano fried rice you have the chance to order at the end. Simply out of this world!

Getting there: In Gung-dong, a block down from the Paris Baguette you should see a Buy the Way, go toward the center of Gung-dong (as opposed to the main road/river) and you should see the restaurant on your left. Order one serving of meat per person, save a few bites at the end and order the cheese bokembap - Enjoy! (Total for the Harrington's and friends generally works out to be 5-7,000 won or you can order all you can eat for 12,000 (no cheesy rice included) or all you can eat and all you can drink soju for 15,000)

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