Monday, June 4, 2012

B-boy and Ballerina: A Love Story

On Sunday, the 20th of May, on the verge of a horrendous sickness, Melissa accompanied her fine gent of a man and good friends Garrett and Alla to an evening showing of The B-boy who loved a Ballerina. Having previously seen Nanta and recently having seen Jump, the Harrington's were excited to see what else Korea could produce in terms of live shows.

The B-Boy who loved a Ballerina was an impressive display of B-boy moves, popping and locking, fancy footwork and body rocking movements. From the first scene to the last the audience was entertained and amazed at the talent showcased by these dancers, B-boy's and even the Ballerina's.

Considering the Wyoming and Montana origins of three out of four from the Harrington's crew, and their personal distance from all things hip-hop and b-boy, it's an impressive testament to the nature of this show that these four audience members were continually impressed and would willingly attend the show again given the opportunity.

If you're in Korea or if the show comes to a stage near you - it's is highly advisable that you purchase the tickets and get ready for a show that will blow your mind.

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